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Dating Coaching
A Modern Solution to a Modern Challenge

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Finding your match is hard in a world where people are both more isolated than ever before and simultaneously have access to options than ever before. Let Jennifer coach you on how to navigate all your different options to finding a mate from modern match making services, to online dating, and meeting people out in the world.

The Intro 4 Session Course can include a review of what you've been trying, help discerning which kind of dating services to use if any, dating profile assistance and review, suggestions on ideal pictures and videos to post on dating apps if you chose the dating app route, conversation/chat review and feedback sessions, as well as dating coaching after you've linked with a person of interest.

Fees for Dating Coaching:

Intro 4 Session Course (sessions are 50 minutes each): $650

Follow-up sessions: $150








*please note these services are not a part of Jennifer's therapy services and are a separate aspect of her business. These services are not covered by insurance.

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