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Now Offering Intensive Couples Counseling!!
an intensive, short-term treatment program for couples in crisis

Intensive Couples Counseling Program is a uniquely designed program routed in a Crisis Management framework with the intention of getting couples the help they need when they need it, with an intense focus on the issue at hand.

This is a 4-week Intensive Program; the couple will attend weekly participating in 2-hour sessions with the goals of 1) establishing a clear understanding of the presenting relationship difficulty and its contributing factors, 2) underlying relationship wounds that need to be healed, 3) a roadmap of how to heal those wounds and 4) what will be required moving forward for the relationship to get healthy and stay healthy. The hope is that these intensive services will help the couple to stabilize their relationship, reduce the likelihood of further damage being caused, get out of crisis mode, and feel hopeful about their future.

This brief program is modeled after the Concierge Medical Model combined with Intensive Outpatient Therapy model to provide access to timely services when it's needed, instead of having to wait. After the initial 4 week treatment program, Jennifer will advise the couple if they are ready to step down to standard outpatient couples counseling or if they need more time with the intensive couples program.

In some cases, relationships cannot be repaired even with the most skilled therapist. If this is the case, Jennifer will do her best to counsel the couple on how to decouple in the most loving, compassionate way possible.



Participation Perks and Requirements

Participating in this program means you will bypass the waitlist requirements and have first access to appointments needed for the program. Program participants must have a consultation call with Jennifer prior to enrollment to assure goodness of fit.

In order to secure your spot in the program and secure appointments, payments must be made in full for the program in advance. All major forms of payment accepted.

The cost of this program is currently $1,600 for a total of 4, 2-hour sessions. These are introductory rates and will only be offered for a limited time!

Insurance is not accepted for this program, but may be accepted when the couple is ready to step down to standard level of care.

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Everybody is Welcome!!!

Everybody is welcome in this program. Whether you are part of queer couple, straight couple, trans couple, ENM couple, religious couple, or any other kind of couple, all is welcome at Harmonious Health & Healing. Jennifer is highly trained and experienced in working with diverse populations of all kinds and is continuously learning about other cultures, religions, and lifestyles. She uses both an Eastern and Western approach to couples counseling and uses Gottman informed treatment interventions as well as methods and frameworks highly informed by Esther Perel's work with couples..

Jennifer is passionate about helping couples navigate partnership, which can be very challenging at times. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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