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Psychotherapy for individuals, couples/intimate relationships, families and groups. Jennifer specializes in working with trauma, anxiety, depression, recovery maintenance, relationship issues, pre-marital counseling, parenting issues, LGBTQIA+, and developmental disabilities.

For adults 20 and older.

Intensive Couples Counseling Program

A brief, intensive treatment program for couples in crisis that want to address the issue at hand in a methodical and focused method. This program is 4 weeks long and geared towards couples who are ready to roll up their sleeves to learn how to overcomes relationship hardships.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy groups, privates and workshops for specific conditions including prenatal and postnatal, as well as other chronic medical issues, pain management, mental health, aging/elderly, chronic/terminal illness, and stress management.

Web-Based Wellness

Telehealth/web based services are also offered for psychotherapy, counseling, coaching, yoga therapy and webinars using either Google Meet or the HIPPA complaint service called Vsee Messanger.

Clinical Training & Seminars

ESA (Emotional Support Animal) evaluations and letters

Jennifer provides ESA evaluations and letters for those in need of support to be able to improve their ability to function and complete activities of daily living with less stress and more ease. Animals can be a huge support and conduit for healing.

Dating Coaching

Jennifer not only works with people who are already coupled, but also provides one-on-one dating coaching to help people find their match.

Advanced Yoga Workshops

Training and lectures on the topics such as mental health, developmental disabilities, application of yoga therapy techniques for self-care and in a mental health setting (and how to document them).

Yoga workshops and series to take your yoga practice to a deeper level. Workshops/series on pranayama, incorporating chanting into asana practice, meditation, and how to make your home-practice more meaningful and safe.


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